We help founders, startups , and established companies
invent, build, and launch their next product or venture.
We also build startups on our own.
Who We Are.

FourPointZero is a small technology development company that transform big ideas into great products and ventures.

We help big companies innovate like small start-ups, and provide expertise for start-ups to scale like big companies.

We create new products and services from the ground up, or improve existing ones. As a team, we contribute with everything. From ideation, product design, prototyping and branding, to development and growth.

What We Do.

We work with founders, small businesses, and established companies to transform good ideas to great products and services. We also build and launch our own ventures.

We form partnerships and contribute hands-on with analysis, design, development, and whatever is needed to build a great product and a successful venture.

We are not a VC firm or an incubator, but an active partner for founders and innovators, who need fuel to get their product built or get to the next level.

We build products and companies that disrupt and compliment markets.

We’re product designers, and engineers. We’ve helped individuals and companies launch, grow, and generate great financial returns.

We’re entrepreneurs and company builders. We are on a mission to help start-ups combine purpose with profit.

Typically our efforts fall within these categories.
Systems as Utilities

Innovative ways to remake and reimagine the things we use every day to enhance utility and value. Products and services that unite fragmented markets, disrupt sectors, or create new industries by leveraging on new business models, technologies and partnerships.

Products with a Purpose

Products and services that directly influence the quality of life in the areas of finance, logistics, mobility, education and health. Working for the people brings intense meaning to what we do. It gives us a heightened sense of responsibility.

Thoughtful Technology

Technology that empowers and delights through improvements in collaboration, retail and entertainment. Products and services that leverages purchasing opportunities, entertainment and social media with the goal of building mass audience and monetization.

We have for ways of working.

Our heritage is as a digital design and build agency. Over the years, we developed an expertise in everything related to product development. From Idea generation, prototyping to design, build, launch and growth strategies. We are continually developing new approaches, address new challenges, and leverage new technologies to open opportunities.


Our Partnership Programme is aimed at new or existing businesses who needs a technology partner. We develop the product for reduced fees, take equity in the business, a seat on the board, and help steer the business towards growth.


We’ve created a portfolio of digital businesses which we’ve taken from an internal idea to a commercially viable product. We created a fund in order to manage these businesses in their early stages. Once a business reaches the point at which it is sustainable we look to find partners to bring into the business.

Join Us.

Build apps, tools, systems & teams that drive amazing customer experiences, solve actual real world problems, and make life just that much sweeter for us all.

The work you do here will influence decisions and positively impact people’s lives. Interested? jobs.fourptzero.com