We see it as our job to make it as easy as possible for builders
to build and innovators to innovate.
You dream of having a great product. We can make it happen.
Enabling Start-ups.

Many of our clients are start-ups that come to us with their ideas. We work with them distilling these ideas and concepts into an actual product.

Aside from the technical expertise that we apply, we also make sure to provide a significant level of strategic inputs to ensure that end results reflect return on investment and profitability.

Transforming the Enterprise.

Some of our clients are 1.0 companies whom wish to evolve their business models and online presence into a more updated and relevant form.

This can be through innovative applications deployed within the enterprise, enabling the company's social strategy, or creating new business lines.


We'll always strive to do more and to do important and meaningful things with the resources you have.

We already have a complete team ready to take your product from idea to MVP and beyond.

What We Can Offer.

We will work with you on the fundamentals of your business, from business & product strategy to customer interactions and how to measure them. With deep understanding of product, design & engineering, we'll help you get to market and validate product faster. After launch, we help you source and build your team.


We specialize in rebuilding legacy systems, modernizing aging infrastructure, reducing head count and optimizing costs. We build lean, agile systems and business processes that increase efficiencies, automate manual workflows and improve your business performance.


We can help you expand your business by designing and developing compelling new products & services. From concept to launch, we apply start-up style customer development and agile engineering approaches to the development of new products and lines of business.


We act as an active and hands-on partner working closely with the product strategy, offering a great network of advisors and enablers. Sometimes it's not what you know, it's who you know.


Sometimes we form equity or royalty-based partnerships with big companies or small startups.

Together we create new products and services, improve existing products, or launch a completely new area of business.

Categories That Interests Us.

Easing payment processes, reducing fraud, saving users money, promoting financial planning, and ultimately moving the banking industry forward.


Moving something, or someone, from point A to point B with the most efficient way possible. Leveraging on location-based technologies, mobile devices, logistics, and crowdsourcing.


Solving the biggest problems top brands and retailers face today by changing consumer behaviour, extending market reach, and combining entertainment and profitability.

Internet of Things

We explore everything from delivery drones and 3d-printing to fan-speed controlling bots. We love to explore the intersection between hardware and software.

Health and Wellness

Merging technology and health sciences to benefit us in ways that improve our daily lives inspires us and excites us.


Finding ways to improve the reach and quality of education in society through the use of technology often runs through our innovation sessions.


We usually form new companies based on our ideas and products, doing everything from design to funding ourselves.

We invent, design and build the product before hiring a new team to bring the product out into the wild.

Our Philosophy.
The FPZ Way

Success for every stakeholder is the goal of each project. From giving an exceptional customer experience, to creating a product that delights end users, to adding value to the company's bottom line, to working on enjoyable projects. No compromise.

Social Good

We constantly strive to find profitable ways to deliver low cost services to our local market. We like to work on projects that improve the standard of living and increase access to opportunities. We build technology that can be accessible to everyone.

High Impact Technology

We assist high-impact entrepreneurs who open up markets, increase productivity, and improve standards of living. We understand how technology can be helpful. We are currently interested in finance, logistics, healthcare, and education.

Working On The Next Big Thing?.

We're looking for founders and companies with a clear and long-term product focus, and a desire to disrupt industries and solve real-world problems.
Working on something great? newbiz@fourptzero.com