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About FourPoint.Zero.

FourPoint.Zero is a highly dynamic Manila-based organization that works with founders, start-ups, and corporations. We help them become brands beloved by their customers.

We are a unique group with a massively diverse set of skills. We are as good at engineering as we are at design and business model creation. Everyone at FourPoint.Zero is hands on and have a variety of expertise. We do the work ourselves, and we keep our team small. We also like to drink beer and play competitive frisbee (some of us, at least).

FourPoint.Zero is founded on the principles of family, respect, discipline, craftsmanship and pride. We're proud to do our best work for clients and partners on a daily basis.

How We Help.

We work with you to build your start-up, modernize and rebuild your technology, and help you enter new markets with new products and services. We advise you on all facets of your venture from engineering to marketing helping you make informed decisions along the way.

We have experience building apps and software using the latest technologies. Web Applications to E-Commerce, Mobile Apps to Social Networks, Augmented Reality to Connected Devices. We build products that are creative and functional.

We help clients define, design & build products that delight their users and owners. We constantly develop our own products to play with new technologies and approaches.

Experience & skills you need.

We partner as strategists, creatives and engineers. We use a wide variety of technologies to create beautiful and useful products.

We provide services and build products that transform organizations, open new markets, create profit and delight users.

Typically our efforts fall within these categories.

We know what common pit-falls most start-ups are facing, like how hard and time consuming it is to build the right team, and eventually build the right product.


Reflecting on problems generate the best ideas. The problem is filtering through the clutter. Knowing what idea to run with requires systematically going through trends, technologies and activities.

UX and UI Design

We're focused on creating the best user experiences, products and services that empowers people to complete tasks without requiring them to master a complex user interface.


We search relentlessly for opportunities that create value. This takes form in rapid prototyping of internally generated ideas (some of which develop into companies).

Product Development

Technology doesn't need to stand out and look like technology. It should blend in and hide the complexity behind thoughtful user-centric design.


We are not an incubator or a co-working space. Yet we'll develop your ideas, test your concepts, and then bring in talent to help you execute and scale your project into an actual business.

We started as a web design agency, in a rented condo space.

Back then, our aim was to do great work with the web. And be able to react to opportunities as we found them.

Today, we aim to create companies that could transform industry sectors.

Small team. Big results.

Founder, CEO & everything else

JP believes technology is one of the most promising tools to create change. As a technologist, he oversees the development of all of FPZ's initiatives. As CEO, he is accountable for all of FPZ's products, services and partnerships; even occasionally cleaning the toilet and putting out the trash.


Co-Founder & Head of Administration

Orange is as an orange goes. She takes life piece by piece, one slice at a time. Same could be said about how she works. As Head of Administration, she works on back office details that keep the company running. Her dream is to educate and to increase influence through technology.


Co-Founder, Head of Marketing & Sales

Marlon moved to the Philippines when he was a kid. Given the option to stay or go back to the U.S., he chose to stay for a strong belief in the Filipino people. Entrepreneurship was always his calling. This has driven him to strive to innovate for internal projects and partner ones.


CTO, & Coding Rockstar

Mapy is a web and mobile apps engineer with a goal of making the world a better place through technology. As CTO, he makes sure that the development team is equipped to deliver effective solutions and quality products.


UI/UX Designer

Em brings great expertise in digital art. She's a dog lover and a guitar enthusiast whom strums the strings during her free time. She's a team player and works hand in hand with her colleagues. She has consistently added more responsibilities to her current post and has been doing a great job with them.


Software Engineer

Miko makes sure that interfaces, languages, and graphics are user-friendly, pleasing, clear and usable with a touch of smoothness. You should try Miko's balls. Ask for his marshmallow balls.


Software Engineer

More than just a pretty face, Sam is a strong willed person who won't let anything or anyone stand in her way of achieving her dreams because she's Sarah Mae Madrid and she's anything but ordinary.


Software Engineer

DOTA 2 fan and HTML & CSS lover. Robert believes he can save the world from bad design via his tools of art and intellectual purity. His aim is to have a world that's thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing.


Junior Software Engineer

A simple girl with a dream to change the world someday. A fast learner in programming. A very curious learner as well as she constantly seeks new technologies to twiddle around with. During her past time she draws, reads and/or watches movies. It just depends on her mood.

Ms. Lyn

Admin & Finance

Don't let her lola like appearance fool you, Ms. Lyn chooses to continue to contribute and be active in helping the team out. In fact, she is the favorite of the whole team. Why? She brings the team's salaries!



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